We must maintain high standards of governance and operate in a responsible way. It is the right thing to do. It is also essential to maintain our reputation and protect our brand.

We are fully committed to conducting business fairly, ethically and with respect to fundamental human rights. This includes the prevention of all forms of slavery, forced labour or servitude, child labour and human trafficking, both in our business and supply chains.

Modern Slavery Statement

Our approach to governance

Board oversight of climate-related risks and opportunities

The Board has overall responsibility for the Group’s climate-related risks and opportunities.

The Board is responsible for ensuring that appropriate risk management processes and controls are in place and has delegated responsibility for overseeing risk management processes and controls to the Audit Committee. Collectively, the Audit Committee and the Board on an annual basis review the Group’s risk register and the principal risks facing the Group which, since FY22, has included an ‘Environmental (including climate change)’ risk. As part of this review process the Audit Committee and the Board deliberate and discuss the risk register, allocate ratings for each risk, and review and update the Group’s register of principal risks and mitigating actions. As part of these discussions and review processes, the Board considers the threat associated with climate change, as detailed below, and discusses and agrees actions to mitigate its impact.


Supply chain management

We have developed an Ethical Trading Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct) for our partners, manufacturers and suppliers, to ensure that when our customers buy from us, they can be satisfied that the goods have been produced without exploitation and in acceptable and sustainable working conditions.

Our Code of Conduct clearly outlines our social and ethical requirements, which include but are not limited to: child labour, forced labour, safety standards, health and hygiene, associations, environmental impact, discrimination and coercion, working hours and wages and other fundamental human rights.